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SVEA Ekonomi Sweden

Campaign across Scandinavia

Agency: Garbergs Sweden

I have worked with SVEA in creating a softer approach to their business of economics. This has been done through illustrating a series of works, that are fluid and soft, with some decoration and foliage style patterning.

The illustrations have been used throughout Scandinavia on buses, newspapers and products to advertise SVEA Ekonomi.

Ubisoft Assassins Creed IV

Agency: Tea Creative

I was commissioned by Tea Creative to create some piratey

illustrations for the launch at Eurogamer of the new Assassins Creed game. How can I turn down the chance to draw skulls and kraken, mermaids and flintlocks!

Starting as a teaser campaign with the playing cards, this led to an online game with crews battling it out to steal the others treasures and ships, with some bloody gameplay along the way of course.

With the preorders of the games and at Eurogamer, the gamers would get a limited edition print of the bigger picture.

So why do they call pirates pirates?

Cos they Harrrrrrrrr!


For Smart, Germany

Agency: BBDO Germany

A typographic journey is the best way to describe this!

Through BBDO Germany, I created three pieces of work for an ad and poster campaign in Germany to promote the Mercedes Smart electric car with the tagline ‘Noticeably Silent.’

Each illustration used onomatopoeia’s to describe the sounds of the city, a building site and a traffic jam.

Using the words and type to create shapes of people, cars and buildings and all the words were freehand illustrated.

My eyes were a bit gaga afterwards...

Heart & Feints

Agency: Vic Lee

This was my first heraldic shield with a twist...

Heart & Feints are a new agency in Scotland that specialise in design for the drinks, predominantly whisky, brands.

The design is quite tongue in cheek, with references to whisky and Scotland, the process of the Heart & Feint and with some of my trademark decoration.

British Airways

Agency: Illustration Ltd / BBH

A slightly different approach to this commission for British Airways for BBH.

Illustrating a series of 10 passport stamps for an advertising campaign in the UK. Showing different destinations with romantic views of each country.

The illustrations were hand illustrated then saved as vector files and a filter added to create a just stamped feel.

This commission made me want to hit a beach for some reason....


Nike UK & Ireland

Agency: Vic Lee

This was such a nice project to work on as I went back to my architectural side, which is how it all began!

Nike UK invited me to create a unique piece of work that would be given as a beautiful limited edition gift. Working closely with the team, a Soho piece was created, as Nike has both their head office there and Niketown up the road on Oxford Street.

Included in this piece of art are the other Nike sites in Doxford and Dublin. I wanted to include other elements of Nike also, so hidden around are trainers and events that Nike organised.

A lovely company to do some work for!