7 Designers for 7 Dials

Covent Garden Installation

Agency: Dezeen

As part of the London Design Festival, I was approached by Dezeen to partake in a street exhibition with 6 other well known artists for Covent Gardens & Dials area.

My works were based around the names of the streets as they were previously called - though designed as a well to do area by Thomas Neale in the 1690’s, it quickly became a slum area filled with all forms of unsavoury characters, which I played upon.

I had the banners printed back to back at 4m x 4m. Quite a statement....

Printed to vinyl

Waltham Forest Council

18 Metre bespoke artwork

Agency: Waltham Forest Council

A joy to do - so much detailing and word play.

The lovely people at Waltham Forest Council gave me absolute freedom to illustrate stories told and to throw in some of trademark dubious tales about Wood Street in E17 London. Met some very colourful characters, heard some frankly unbelievable stories and got some local schools involved too. All in all great fun and hard work.

Supposed to be a temporary hoarding for 3-6 months, a year and a half later the locals have taken this as their own and is untouched and immaculate.

Proper pride.

Printed to dibond

Sainsburys Heritage Store Hertford

Agency: Twelve

A one off store in Hertford for the gracious Sainsburys Group.

I illustrated some of the most amazing buildings in Hertford - and there are a lot to go around the atrium to the store - some 60 metres long and 4 metres high!

The illustrations were also used throughout the store as historical points.

I also created the identity for the ‘S’ which was part of the café identity.

Based around the fact the new store was in the Old McMullens Brewery.

Printed as wallpaper

Illustrated Diaries

have always had a bit of a passion for travelling, ever since my pops put me in my finest clobber and stuck me on a plane at the tender age of 6 months old. It was a bit of a ritual, every year, we flew to Malta, I got burnt and we came home. This I think was pre Factor 50 days.

Then I took off on the ocean waves, though not as a jolly sailor, more a stubbly chambermaid, working as a stateroom steward, a glorified toilet cleaner aboard luxury cruise liners. It was a form of backpacking except with all mod cons, nothing to pay and travelling round the world in somewhat luxury, albeit for the 16 hour working days and cramped cabins.Oh and not smelling.

So now I appreciate the experiences of travel and immersing myself in different cultures, I wanted to capture these experiences, from where I ate, to how I got there, the people I met and the places I saw. I want to put how much it cost and the hassles along with the catches, glitches and good times.

This will be an ongoing list and if nothing else you should jot some of the places down i feature, they are truly good finds...

Maido Digital Agency

Bespoke Artwork

Agency: Maido

The lovely chaps at Maido asked me to create a one off piece for their studios in East London. I listened intently to some of their crazy ventures, goings on and musings and created a visual cocophony of words and illustrations

Printed to wraparound canvas



Agency: Twelve Design

I really enjoy illustrating animals in my style, giving them a tattoo / decorative and elegant look and feel. They become things of beauty indeed!

I did a series of illustrations for Sainsburys previously and they asked me through the agency Twelve Design in London, to create a new series of fish, crustaceans and meat sections to be applied to ceramic tiles.

These wondrous creatures will be displayed in some of their newer deli counters.