Hailo HQ Murals

Somerset House London

Agency: SAM Architects

I was commissioned by SAM Architects to create 6 murals for the head offices of the Hailo Cab App. A mixture of different sizes, each had a hint at travel, cabs, freedom and humour. The main piece being cabbie speak, which to the uneducated cabster would mean nothing, but actually tells a short story. I worked with another artist Claire Brewster, who hand cuts birds from maps, so all the pieces had an inflight theme to them, from the open bird cages to the city scapes and beyond.

The furniture was upholstered, recreated and beautifully crafted by the talented Hannah Stanton, a small piece I designed was stitched into one of the booths too!

Architects: SAM Architects

Bird artist: Claire Brewster

Furniture:  Hannah Stanton

Thanks to Rick Roxburghe for some of the photography

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