Heathrow Commercial Mural

Heathrow Airport

Agency: Buffalozoo

The Agency Buffalozoo asked me to create a live mural for Heathrow Commercial at Heathrow itself. This piece celebrated the success of Heathrow Commercial over the past year and also the milestones for the year ahead.

As one of Heathrows most profitable sides, this piece of art is a celebration of the continued growth and expansion of the business.

I created this live mural first over two days at a management event and then it was deconstructed and placed at the head office in Compass House where I finished it off.

The beauty of this artwork was the involvement of the staff, the great comments and to see how many stopped and watched as I inked away.

A great way to celebrate successes without just a printed booklet!

Mini Book of Inkilisms

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