Initials Marketing Mural


Agency: Vic Lee

This was a real challenge, 14 metres of lovely white panels to get my inky paws onto!

I had a few meets with the guys at Initials, and was given a set of quotes to play with and also reams of their folio of works. These guys do great stuff, off the wall, which for me is perfect to illustrate.

After laying out the type, I got to work freestyling with lovely decoration and subtle nods to their jobs and clients, from the manly Beyonce, to the surfing city gent, very tongue in cheek, and very very BAM! as a statement piece. A great job and for such a superb friendly crew of people.

Mini Book of Inkilisms

My fourth edition book is ready for serious commissioners. Stuffed full of lovely projects in full colour no less! Send me a mail and I will send one out as soon as

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