Marks & Spencers Murals

Head Office London

Agency: The Team

Salford, Manchester

Agency: Vic Lee


Agency: Vic Lee

Marks and Spencers are well known for their, ahem, reservedness, so when

The Team asked me to draw on their walls, it was a challenge. To put my style in a way that would be acceptable.

I was given lists of pledges made by the staff at the companies HQ in Paddington. The walls were two, one in each of the staff restaurants. My role, to illustrate typographically some of the pledges in a stylish and colourful way.

The beauty of this project was the staff at M&S. They totally got behind what I was doing and the feedback as I illustrated was superb. It was I think good for company morale to show that the pledges meant something, and to have them put on display in a beautiful way.

I took the positive words from the pledges, so as you passed, these shone and stood out, highlighting the inspiration behind the words and the work.

Mini Book of Inkilisms

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