Metro Newspapers Murals


Agency: Vic Lee

It’s always a pleasure when given a big white wall to play with, so when Metro Newspapers contacted me to illustrate 2 murals (and a cow) in their head office in Kensington, I jumped at the chance.

I was given some info - some inclusions, the main cities where the third largest newspaper provider in the UK, was given out free. And also to include architectural city buildings relevant to each area.

This became a very fluid and moving mural, with oodles of where, when and how Metro is read, little witty situations and those early morning moments.

A two part mural, the second was the welcome wall opposite as you entered the office. This piece had influences from their main advertisers, but without names, more slight nods to their products as a way of thanks.

Illustrated in a busy office, where the hubub of news is going on, the feedback and people were as ever, so jolly lovely!

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