Plarium Games Mural


Agency: Vic Lee

Sometimes I get asked to draw something that transports me to my childhood, dragons, knights, tanks, flying cars, you get my drift....

So off I popped to sunny Israel to create this wall based on the companies games. Plarium create clever games using strategic thinking, planning and a strong heart.

Using this as my typographic base, I included illustrations of themes from the games, hence the goodies of dragons, knights etc. This piece had to be energetic and a little dark, but also be  beautiful and proud.

Loved doing this one, and Plarium are indeed a very engaging and friendly company to add ink to. Oh and the sunshine helped too!

Mini Book of Inkilisms

My fourth edition book is ready for serious commissioners. Stuffed full of lovely projects in full colour no less! Send me a mail and I will send one out as soon as

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