Point A Hotel

Shoreditch London

Agency: Vic Lee

A real gem of a project for Point A Hotels. Point A opened a brand spanking new hotel in the heart of Shoreditch on Paul Street. A high quality but well priced stay in the centre of hipster heaven. They came to me through the architects Waugh Thistleton to create an external mural on the side of the building. After  a few meets and some sketchwork, it soon blossomed into creating artwork for all the rooms and an internal mural, as well as a huge mural seen from the atrium.

The room pictures are a shout to Shoreditch and some charming sleep chatter. A convoluted map showing different focal points of the area.

The reception mural was hand painted three days before opening and takes in the local history, cheeky banter and poetic language.

Mini Book of Inkilisms

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