Purestone Digital Mural

Blackfriars, London

Agency: Vic Lee

Great piece to do this one. This came in three parts.

  1. 1.The Main Mural 5m x 2m

  2. 2.Three Hanging Signs

  3. 3.Window frame Mural

The boys at Purestone gave me their mantra - the things that are important to running a succesful studio, the team philosophy and the way things are done.

I worked some wordage into each section and illustrated straight to panels, Each section has its own unique identity and each has its own prominence. There are many aspects to the personal side of the company too, with little nods to Del Boy, sausage rolls and horses, all relevant to the companies history.

To create cohesion in the studio, three pub style hanging signs were created, that directed to the different departments in the studio, illustrated front and back with some tongue in cheekiness.

The final piece was a frame around the boardroom window, from a distance it has the look of a big ole mirror, with oodles of detailing and shading.

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