Ticketmaster Mural

Head Office London

Agency: Vic Lee Studio

There was a lot of fun in this project. Ticketmaster, the heros of the events world asked me to come and lay some ink on their very white walls in the client / reception area of their very cool offices in Islington, London.

A challenging project as I wanted to capture the essence of the company, as well as the history and a snap of personality too.

With offices all around the world, this was an important element to the design, to include each territory. I came up with the idea to include each countries biggest venues. Creating a Ticketmaster world wall.

The Phoenix shirt is a nod to the three founders Leffler, Gadwar and Gunn who set the company up in the US in 1976. The 1981 reference is a play on words and happenings below the shirt as this was when Ticketmaster came to the UK. So a little history with a twist....

As a wraparound, this mural became a crowd stopper for clients and staff, and was great to watch them engage and step back. Always a good thing....

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