Turnkey Mural

London Bridge, London

Agency: Amanda Neilson Interiors

It’s funny when you ask a client to come up with some tales of the business that could become part of a mural. Sometimes you get some good stuff and sometimes its laugh out loud.Turnkey sent me theirs and knew I could have some fun with them.

Turnkey are a web and internet security company who were having their offices in London Bridge redesigned. They had a big white wall just crying out for some ink and wit. So thats where I was beamed in.

Taking the company profiles and internal beliefs and also reading through their recommendations, I surmised that these guys were somewhat heroes! Saviours and enhancers of securites online. hence the tongue in cheek copy.

Interspersed with those internal stories, the dropped granny, transvestite lap dancers, stolen trumpets and the dumb arsonist to name a few....

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