Waltham Forest Council

18 Metre bespoke artwork

Agency: Waltham Forest Council

A joy to do - so much detailing and word play.

The lovely people at Waltham Forest Council gave me absolute freedom to illustrate stories told and to throw in some of trademark dubious tales about Wood Street in E17 London. Met some very colourful characters, heard some frankly unbelievable stories and got some local schools involved too. All in all great fun and hard work.

Supposed to be a temporary hoarding for 3-6 months, a year and a half later the locals have taken this as their own and is untouched and immaculate.

Proper pride.

Mini Book of Inkilisms

My fourth edition book is ready for serious commissioners. Stuffed full of lovely projects in full colour no less! Send me a mail and I will send one out as soon as

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