Vic Lee

Studio 7S Vanguard Court

36-38 Peckham Road · London · SE58QT

All work ©Anthony ‘Vic Lee’ Grima 2018

A murallist, artist, storyteller & beautiful inker.

The adorner of walls, playful imaginings & trader of charms.

As Dr Emmett Brown once said

“Your future is whatever you make it - so make it a good one.”

Welcome to a life less ordinary.



My fourth edition book is ready for serious commissioners, creative heads, event planners, forward thinkers and those that want to break the mold of formality and blandness. Stuffed full of lovely projects in full colour no less! Send me a mail and I will send one out as soon as...

Say “Oi Vic, Bung me a book fella”

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