Mercedes Electric Smart  - Advertising

Onomatopoeias by the bucket load! For BBH Germany - a mini ad campaign that celebrated the silence of the new electric Smart car.

British Airways - Advertising

Passport stamp illustrations developed for British Airways mini ad campaign for press to launch their Summer sale.

Marks & Spencer - Craft Beer Range

A lovely project creating individual illustrations for guest brewers chosen by M&S and their craft beer and ale range.

Foamie - Campaign

An intricate piece using words that relate to the philosophy of Foamie, no plastic products, recyclable waste and environmentally aware. I created a street scene with elements of paradise and aromas floating around.

Assassins Creed for Ubisoft

Limited edition print and campaign

For the launch of the Pirate Edition of Assassins Creed I was tasked by Tea Creative to come up with a two part illustration. The first was an ace of spades card given out at a games expo which led players to an online competition playing as teams against each other. The final team winning a limited edition screenprint of just 8 pieces with their winning team on.

Manzoku - Promotional Illustration

Capturing the essence of Japanese ramen in a lock up, this artwork was created as a promotional and printed merchandising piece.

With fun elements of Japanese culture, writing and imagery to enhance the originality of the product.

The Tate

Product Range

It was a real honour to be asked by the Tate to create a range of Vic Lee products for the retail side of the group.

The poster launched initially, and this quickly kept selling out, so the tate asked me to create a whole range of products, from cushions to mugs, tea towels to espresso cups.

Now i can say i am in the Tate too!

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