Example of a sketch created for Smith & Williamson for a mural hand painted at their offices in London

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How We Work

It’s very important for us to work closely with our clients to bring the best possible results. We are focused on creating inspiring and exceptional work, that will benefit the client, staff and customers.


The Studio at Vic Lee is renowned for its mural work. This is a brief view of the process we go through when a client approaches us to add some sparkle to their environments.

The first thing would be the size of the mural a client has in mind. We would also ask for photographs of the area and if a new or refurbished space, plans can also be sent. Costs are on a client by client basis, and how the mural will be seen and used. Once the costs and contracts have been agreed, we discuss the project in more detail. Every company has its own tone of voice, through their ethos, who they are, how they work etc. The ‘corporate’ voice. 

At The Studio, we would go through this information and conversations with the client and pick elements of the tone to be used in the mural artwork. Most companies have a corporate language aimed at their clients. As much as this works business to business, the murals The Studio creates are less formal, more conversational and charming.

It will be the same message but rewritten in a more poetic and harmonious way. We have over the years developed a voice that makes you stop, smile and enjoy. Using olde English in a contemporary way. 

Each mural is dedicated to the individual client. If you take a look at the murals page , positive words jump out and are more prominent. There’s an old adage in designing billboards that conveys a message, the three second hit. Basically the message on a billboard should be taken in, in the three seconds it takes to drive past. That is similar in essence to murals The Studio creates. In a busy environment, positive messages of the artwork should be read as you walk by. And when you have time, you read at your leisure the more detailed words.

initial designs will be roughly sketched. The most important part is always getting the messaging right. That is where the focus will be. Decorative and illustrative elements are considered and agreed. But here’s where Vic Lee is unique. We don’t design a final looking artwork, as the murals are freestyle illustrated. Meaning  that, each day as the artwork takes shape, it adapts and develops to use the space or wall to its best visually within the environment. This also allows more details to be added and adds a fluidity to the piece. 

The final mural handpainted and freestyled with elaborate illustration and decorations.

Inspiration and Imagination

The history of Vic Lee is 17 years in graphic design, working on projects for packaging, marketing and commercial interior spaces before starting The Studio. Specialising in traditional skills, penwork and digits rather than digital, The Studio is highly sought for its craft in bespoke and commercial work.

The knowledge gained from the early days in design have given The Studio the ability to understand a clients needs.

The work The Studio makes is not run of the mill. It’s not a replica. Its refined, it draws you in. It is non apologetic and completely unique. There are few if any others that can do what The Studio at Vic Lee does. As it should be.

We are always amazed at the diversity of our clients. From Fashion to lawyers, Supercars to civil engineers, design agencies to airlines. It is always a privilege to work with folk that are willing to rock the boat.

For future project enquiries, Contact vic@viclee.co.uk

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