Atkin Guitars - Hand Illustrated Guitars

Mr Jones Watchmakers

Limited Edition Watches

These two watches play with how we see time. Todays dreams, Tomorrows Memories, are those moments we think of but rarely act on, Making memories to last.

Fantastic Exploits has a rotating seconds disc that creates a kaleidoscope effect. Each letter has its own personality which relate to the hours in the day. Each hour we do something different even the smallest of actions makes them unique.

Created for the release of the album, Beautiful Guitars by Mark Nevin, the  guitars were were freestyle illustrated with the song titles from the album and intricate detailing.

The Famous Grouse

Limited Edition 16 Year Old Whiskey

A lovely project to be involved with. This came about through Soho Square, Part of Coley Porter Bell. I won the pitch and was tasked with designing a box wrap and label design to celebrate the first art collaboration with Edrington Distillers.

The intricate design shows a grouse in flight as you rotate the box.

I continued working with Edrington on launches, global conferences and managerial gifts for the following 2 years!

Brompton Bicycles

Limited Edition 500 Handmade Bicycles

After hand illustrating to two white Bromptons that were offered to the winners of the annual Brompton World Championship race in London, the company asked me to be their first art collaboration on a limited edition Brompton. Each cycle has illustrated vinyls applied and comes with a London S Bag and print that has the same number as the serial number on each bike.

These sold out in 2 days!

Nike UK & Ireland

Special Edition screenprint

As a gift to their management teams and suppliers, Nike contacted me to create a limited edition screenprint of Soho in London.

I chose iconic streets to include with specific areas that showed the head office of Nike on Wardour Street and the Nike Store on Oxford Street.

I also researched the area and this has a Vic Lee style history of the colourful area,


Special Edition screenprint

A commission to celebrate the area of Mayfair and Wetherall Estates history in the area. An intricately illustrated piece of art, this street is a beautiful architectural testament to British building skills, and very challenging to illustrate!

BPiF Book Awards


For the 2017 Printing Awards held at the Dorchester Hotel, I was commissioned by Page Design to create a hand illustrated cover for the event that held all the categories of the Awards as well as celebrating the typographer Caxton in the artwork

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